About Us

Who are we?

Founded in 2016, Lubona Meat Products has made great strides in the Zambian meat industry, especially at such a young age.

Our company focuses on meat processing and has managed to branch out to 8 provinces in Zambia, all within an impressive short period of time. With affordable and quality meat products, we aim to be one of Zambia's largest household names in our niche industry. We're fast becoming a consumer favourite due to our hygenically prepared and fresh quality meats.

What's our mission?

As one of Zambia's overarching up-and-coming brands, Lubona Meat Products aims to create a lasting foothold in the meat and processing industry.
We plan to accomplish this through innovative solutions whilst creating long term relationships with our customers as well as our suppliers.

With a keen approach and resolute stance, we understand that every aspect of our operations rises and falls on the relationships we create within the domestic and international food market.

What we do

Our approach to business is simplistic yet perceptive. At Lubona Meat Productions, we focus our proficiency on two key branches of our operation, which are processing and distribution.

Our range of products include;
Hungarian sausages, fresh sausages, polony, fish, chicken, beef and a mobile butchery with modern equipment

How we do it

With a workforce of over 350 staff, we are never short or lacking of the expertise to deliver excellent services and products.

Our accommodating work days and hours ensure we cater to our customers at times that best suit their schedules.

Lubona Meat Productions is open 7 days a week country wide, 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am to 2pm on weekends and holidays.

Where are we going?

We are committed to creating a stable and noteworthy future for the meat and processing industry in Zambia. Our efforts and actions are set towards the expansion of Lubona Meat Products within our nation and across our borders. So far the Lubona experience is enjoyed in 22 stores across 8 Zambian provinces, including a fully functional mobile butchery that travels to wherever our customers may need us.

Taking wisdon from our African roots, one proverb particularly resonates with us;
If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of our business model. We thrive to always be vigilant of the impact we have on the local agro-processing sector. As we ensure quality products we also promise to source our meats without negatively impacting the environment and communities around us. This is the foundation our business is built on in order to secure a better today and tommorrow for the world as a whole.

We've taken great lengths to design a responsible and feasible model that understands the value of preserving our social and economic resources during our meat production, employment conditions, supplier surety and customer assurance

Our in-house processing equipment enables us to produce 70% of the materials we use in our meat processing section. With this ability, local farmers are able to engage us as suppliers withuot the worry of them needing to have equipment of their own. This has helped us create employment for many small scale farmers in our communities.

Our motto

Our motto "taste the difference" is guaranteed of what we're thrilled to offer you in terms of:

Taste - Ensuring a refined and quality experience in the meals you prepare and eat using Lubona products.
Tradition - Embracing the food culture in Zambia that champions local cuisines so as to pay homage to our heritage as a nation.
Quality - Regardsless of your social standing, beliefs and wants, we maintain quality for all our customers free from any preconception. We offer fresh products for a perfect everyday experience.
Sustainability - We want to make waves in the meat processing industry without compromising on the value of our employees, customers and communities.

Our expansion relies on being creative, inventive and innovative. We put honesty and intergrity on the forefront of our company ethics. All aspects of our business operations are dependent on us being the best brand you deserve, with room to learn and adapt as we continue to grow.

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