Meat Products

All our shop across Zambia stock chicken, and chicken parts; if you are a beef lover, we have that too.
Our customers are treated to a wide variety of beef cuts inclusive of T-bone, steak, and not forgetting beef offals and hooves to complement those traditional meals

Processed Foods

Lubona is home to the best Hungarian sausage, and we have two types for you to choose from- ordinary Hungarian and premium Hungarian. Taste the difference with these products that are guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Our processed lines also included Vienna sausage, and polony. Beef sausage is also included.

Butchery on Wheels

Not able to come through to any of our shops? No problem we can come to you. Our butchery on wheels is a firm favourite with clients. You can spot us anywhere selling our numerous products.

Taste the difference!

Food is embedded heavily in our culture as a people. Lubona Meat Products is not just a company that manufactures food products, we are a fully fledged solution for all your food needs.

Our Locations

We are committed to the Zambian citizenry and our expansion program is based on taking the Lubona Experience to as many parts of Zambia as is possible. Currently we have locations dotted in 8 provinces, translating into 22 shops and growing!

Lusaka | Parlour

0977 221 101
2151 Mumbwa road,
old Kembe cold storage

Lusaka | Wholesale

0963 805 643
Plot No: 12004 Njashishi Road, Chinika Industrial Area Lusaka


0962 676 632
Mwaiseni along Chiwempala road after PUMA filling station on your left.


0975 132 416
Along great north road near Kobil Filling Station


0977 257 913
KMB bus station


0978 074 367
Inos Chomba road


0969 829 838
Along Luwingu Road opposite Zesco Kasama customer and commercial service center


0975 122 000
Along great north road opposite Zanaco bus and Isoka Bus Station


0976 677 839
Along great north road
old Zanaco bank


0971 198 952
Zambeef Road
100 meters opposite Zambeef


0962 230 024
Solwezi main town center
along Independence avenue


0975 682 370
Opposite Chibuluma bakery
or just after Choppies


0974 097 076
Close to Solwezi mabanga from Chingola. Just by the first robots to your right side


0970 013 433
Town Center
Near Total filling station


0972 060 367
Chitimukulu Road
opposite Shoprite


0978 594 161
Along H Figo road
after Zesco

Ndola | Masala

0965 965 866
Main masala fantasy area next to Zambeef and Termites

Ndola | Main

0968 464 103
Stand no. 9, President avenue, opposite INDO Zambia bank


0960 366 522
Katete roundabout facing Mozambique road near Drums night club


0978 532 343
Off Great East road, Church road, behind Choppies, near East Point.


0975 480 241
Main market road, 100 meters from Kobil/Rubis filling station


0978 232 529
Malila Ngoma Complex, opposite Luni Guest House

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of our business model. We thrive to always be vigilant of the impact we have on the local agro-processing sector. As we ensure quality products we also promise to source our meats without negatively impacting the environment and communities around us. This is the foundation our business is built on in order to secure a better today and tommorrow for the world as a whole.

We've taken great lengths to design a responsible and feasible model that understands the value of preserving our social and economic resources during our meat production, employment conditions, supplier surety and customer assurance

Our in-house processing equipment enables us to produce 70% of the materials we use in our meat processing section. With this ability, local farmers are able to engage us as suppliers withuot the worry of them needing to have equipment of their own. This has helped us create employment for many small scale farmers in our communities.

Our company in pictures

We bring our service to you through our committed staff and assurance of our customers. Lubona meats has over 300 employees that are happy to serve you 7 days a week, from 8 hours to 18 per week. Over the weekends, we close our shops at 14 hours.

What people say

We are committed to the Zambian citizenry and your feedback does not go unnoticed


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